Hailing from the idyllic seaside village of Gerringong on the NSW South Coast, Jack was gifted a guitar at the age of 7 by his father who himself is an ex-musician. 


This sparked his initial passion for making music, but it was his grassroots coastal upbringing that further developed his raw yet refined style. 


The rush of crashing waves, the wind whistling through the branches on a Norfolk pine and the way in which the setting sun casts elongated shadows across the landscape are all felt in Jack’s music, as can profoundly personal tales of love, moments and memories.


From the moment you first hear Jack, you’ll realise that he leads an examined life with a deep emphasis for looking inwards in order to make sense of the world around him. 


Jack’s real skill is his ability to deftly put his thoughts and feelings into words and connect with others through his rugged yet simplistic sound, which has no doubt contributed to his short but impressive music career.


He’s performed at innumerable live events and shared the stage with notable recording artists such as Felipe Baldomir, Spacey Jane, Mia Wray, The Terrys, Sticky Fingers and his hometown heroes, The Bungalows. Jack is also a student of his craft, having completed an Advanced Diploma of Music.


Ultimately, through a mix of complex lyrics and virtuoso guitar playing, Jack’s music takes you on a journey of self-discovery while exploring themes of love, loss, nature and freedom. 


Like cruising down a coastal road with a loved one on a summer’s day, Jack’s music exhibits a timeless quality that makes him a future ambassador for the Australian indie folk genre.